Definition of dangerous goods FIBCs

Types of UN bags

There are four types of FIBCs for dangerous goods made from woven plastics:

13 H 1 - woven plastics without coating and without liner
13 H 2 - woven plastics, coated and without liner
13 H 3 - woven plastics, uncoated and with liner
13 H 4 - woven plastics, coated and with liner

Categories of UN bags

Degree of Danger Packing Group UN-Symbol max. Volume
high I X 1,5 m3
medium II Y 3,0 m3
low III Z 3,0 m3

Note: There is no safety factor 6:1 for UN bags. This term is unknown in the UN regulations. UN bags are not classified by safety factors. They are classified by packing groups I, II or III. The safety factor 6:1 refers to FIBCs for non-dangerous goods only.