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Labordata International Materials Testing Institute offers cooperation and joint ventures being based on licensing-rules. This offer is addressed to investors who are interested in establishing a Packaging Laboratory serving in a defined region. The company name of the joint venture will be "LABORDATA ........." expanded by an individual term referring to the location, region or country.

Labordata Germany is delivering and installing all the sophisticated equipments and is furnishing its partners with all literature, software, staff training etc. which are necessary for working on the best Labordata level. And of course permanent assistance by Labordata Headquarters is guaranteed.

This kind of cooperation with the world-renowned Packaging Laboratory guarantees success from the beginning. Our partners benefit from taking part in our global reputation.

The Labordata engineering team is planning the building adapted to the local requirements and is supervising it whilst being under construction if no suitable building is available.

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For more details interested parties may contact Dr. Kielbassa:

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